best forex broker Forex is one of the most recent areas in the finance sector. It offers many opportunities until unexplored to engage in trading, but of course it has its own problems. How to find the best brokers? There are no magic tricks to ensure your safety. Obviously, research and studies are needed. For your convenience we provide a list of things you should expect from your broker. Regulation and Safety Our number one concern is the security of your deposit and the honesty of our broker. Failing at the first step, finding out that there is no success could change your blooming business into a sad ordeal. Fortunately, the rules of conduct to follow when looking for a reliable broker are straightforward and straightforward. Is the company subject to government regulations? And does it use recent technologies to protect personal data and account details from unauthorized access? Commissions and discrepancies The lower they are, the better. Low and fixed spreads are the thing we expect from our brokers. Usually, paying more than the value of 3 pips in the case of the EURUSD is not a good idea. Some companies propose gaps at the level of a single glitch for most pairs. Initial Deposit It required by your forex broker should be low. But being able to deposit a small amount depends on other factors such as minimum batch and margin conditions. A mini account that requires a lot of $ 10,000 can not be managed effectively with an initial deposit of $ 50. You need what is called a buffer zone that can absorb and cushion market fluctuations. Kokshetau, Kazakhstan
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