want to secure your home , it is easy with pysoft . you can enter their website and see all possible software . home surveillance software became so important to use and applicable not just in companies but also in home . through software you can easily secure your home and observe all places in your home even while you are out home . when you are in home it is easy to observe all home on small screen , so it is very high securing idea . when you are out home there is the possibility of scheduled recording or continuous recording to be updated what is happening in your home if you are out home . you can use unlimited cameras to see on screen . and send images by e-mail , sound alarm or recorded video . software also is full controlled and customized through network . also you can watch your children, parents, pets etc. for cases of any strangers it is easy to use a software which captures 30 frames per second from any device, camera, camcorders, and from network IP cameras, also you can zoom in or zoom out to obtain the optimized view you want. finally home security became very important to use in home, simple, and high securing method now days.

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