Many people think what to do with Bitcoin-Bitcoin buy sell ? Just at the beginning of the year we saw the cost of Bitcoin at 20 000 dollars. Now the price of Bitcoin is around 8 000 dollars. Almost all the media and various analysts in one voice say that the price of Bitcoin will drop. They say that the Bitcoin is a bubble and soon we will see the end of Bitcoin. Yes it is, Bitcoin is provided with nothing. But we can use Bitcoin as an investment tool for a short period - about one or two years. In that point - Definitely Yes. If we are considering bitcoin as an investment tool for a short period of time Data analysis, as well as fundamental and technical analysis show that Bitcoin will grow again and has the potential to grow again to the level of 20 000 dollars. Therefore, I believe that the cost of Bitcoin in the next five to six months will slowly grow and Bitcoin now need to be Bought. So if you think Bitcoin Buy Sell - Definitely Buy. 55731
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