The next time someone asks people in KnCMiner, ’how are you? ’They will probably tell you that they are doing well. This is because in the past the Swedish company broke up about $ 3 million in the sale of Bitcoin mining equipment - it’s four days to wait for it (but you probably already read the name).buy bitcoin credit card. As if the financial situation in Venezuela is not so bad, restrictions on withdrawing ATMs were limited. From this moment, each client of the bank can withdraw Bolivars at a cost of $ 5 per day. The transition to an ATM behind the counter depends on the same limit. No positive development by any means, and the situation will only worsen. These new recommendations were developed for entry into force on December 1, 2016. However, some Venezuelan banks are already applying these new restrictions without prior warning. The limit of 10,000 bolivars per day is almost nothing due to greatly inflated prices. A quick transformation teaches us that 10,000 34457
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