The Yangon Stock Exchange is slated to open in October 2015, at the previous Central Bank of Myanmar and Myawaddy Bank home office in Yangon. on December 2014, two Japanese firms, Daiwa Institute of Research, the examination arm of Daiwa Securities Group and Japan Exchange Group, built up a joint wander with the state-claimed Myanma Economic Bank to build up this stock trade. The joint wander firm, its Joint Venture Limited will have a working capital of US$31 million. To begin with, Myanmar Investment (FMI) Company will be the primary organization to dispatch a first sale of stock (IPO) at YSX when it opens. The Securities and Exchange Commission has chosen Kanbawza Bank to be YSX settlement bank. Myanmar’s stock trade in Yangon will start exchanging on March 2016, over three months after it propelled, as indicated by the nation’s agent fund serve Maung Thein. In the first place, Myanmar Investment Co. Ltd. will start offering its offers on the Yangon Stock Exchange (YSX) by that time, trailed by Myanmar Thilawa SEZ Holdings and Myanmar Citizens Bank. Different organizations, among them First Private Bank Limited, Great Hor Kham Public and Myanmar Agribusiness Public Corporation, will join at a later date asda, New Zealand
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