Many people are robbed of a future of financial abundance due to a myth that in order to invest, you need a significant amount of money. The truth is exactly opposite. These days, there are a lot of investment avenues that allow you small investments.It would become easier for you to create a substantial amount of money over the years. It is easy to set aside $ 200 per month than to accumulate $ 3000 annually. Therefore, instead of putting off and postponing the investments, it is a better idea to start small but make that first move and start investing.In the following article, we are going to share with you some of the investment avenues which you can opt for to invest as low as $ 100. We will provide you with the proper blueprint which you can follow in order to begin your investing journey. The avenues for making are plenty. The advantages of making regularly are: No significant impact on your finances Easy to invest on monthly basis Compounded returns over a period of time 31966
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