I want to know where how to purchase shares What are shares? Also known as equities, a share represents a share of ownership in a company, and these shares are listed on a stock exchange. When you find a share to buy, you are buying a small stake in a company. You become a joint-owner of the company along with all the other shareholders, and you are invited to have a say in a number of the decisions the company makes. When looking to shares, the aim is for the shares to grow in value over time; and also to benefit from a share in the profits of the company in the form of regular dividend payments. Shares give investors the opportunity for a steady income and capital growth, although neither of these is guaranteed. Not all share investments carry an equal risk, the level of risk depends on the company you are looking to buy in. A start-up with an innovative product will have a higher risk profile than a blue chip company, for instance, but the attraction of the small is that it may offer the potential for higher returns. In addition, the small start-up may not pay out dividends it may need to reinvest any profits back in the company, whereas the larger, more established corporation may offer attractive dividend payouts. Its vital to clarify your investment goals and risk profile before buying stocks and shares. Its important to research any companies you intend to buy shares in to ensure they offer a suitable investment opportunity for you. The value of shares may increase as company profits increase, or as a result of market expectation, but the opposite is also true. The value of a share may fall, and if a company collapses, you may lose all of your original investment. The risk of this happening depends on the profile of the particular company you want to invest in, but there is no certainty about the outcome of an investment in shares, unlike a fixed-interest deposit where you are certain of getting your capital back and earning a fixed rate of interest. , Ukraine?
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